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Life As Art


Life is made up of many moments. While these moments may be different in meaning and magnitude, each is important in making us who we are. It is my belief, that the moments and time with family is what shapes and impacts us the most in our lives.

The concept of the "Life As Art" session is simple: real interaction and real emotion captured by an experienced and rounded artist makes for the most moving art.

"Some love is gentle love, some love endures the early spread from two to three, three beyond, and never quite slows down, but grows. We are the tireless lot that held tight through years that others wouldn't know how to endure; we are shaped by those we shape, made by those we made. Some love is gentle love, the whisper where some think a scream is needed, the quiet voice to sleeping ears, the wordless glance across rooms now filled."

-Tyler Knott Gregson